JAK ECIG Epic USB Charger

JAK ECIG Epic USB Charger


Daford JUUL Charger Key Features

  • Charging cable compatible with JUUL devices
  • Lightning connection can charge from your iPhone
  • Magnetic port attaches automatically when JUUL is close


Jak Ecig Epic USB Charger Key Features

  • Compact USB charger by Jak Ecig
  • Magnetic connection
  • Charger for Jak Epic device

About Epic USB Charger by Jak Ecig

Need a new charger for your Jak Epic device? The Epic USB Charger is exactly what you need. With its compact design and ease of use, you’ll be charged up in no time. With a magnetic attachment design popping on and off your Epic device is easy and hassle-free. Jak Ecig’s Epic USB Charger provides a quick and efficient charge so you’re back in action very fast.

Contents of the pack

  • 1 x Epic USB Charger


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