ModShield Juul Case Key Features

  • Custom-made specifically for Juul device
  • 1 x ModShield silicone Juul case
  • Available in 9 different color options ( Include your color choice beneath your address)
  • Juul can be used with ModShield removable cap in place


Buy Juul Case by ModShield

To begin with, there’s two kinds of Juul owners: the ones who have needed to replace their Juul device after accidentally dropping it in a parking lot, and the ones who will. Be the third kind of Juul owner: the kind that protects their Juul vape with useful Juul accessories like a shockproof ModShield silicone Juul case.

Lastly, ModShield’s silicone case shields the Juul device from accidental drops, dings, dents, scrapes, scratches, scars. And the vagaries of a dangerous world. The ModShield case is custom molded to fit the Juul device perfectly. Aand comes in a variety of colors so you can show off your style while keeping your Juul safe.


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