VUSE Ciro Power Unit E-cigarette Battery

VUSE Ciro Power Unit E-cigarette Battery


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A new and exciting addition to VUSE’s e-cigarette range, the VUSE Ciro combines simplicity with user-focused design and a range of useful features, making it a great option both for first-timers and more experienced vapers looking for convenience, style and a smooth vaping experience.

Key Features of the VUSE Ciro Battery

  • VUSE Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette
  • LED fades in and out when you draw on the e-cigarette
  • 260mAh battery
  • Ciro Kit also available
  • Cartridges sold separately. Shop Ciro Refills

About the VUSE Ciro Power Unit

The VUSE Ciro Power Unit is a slim, highly portable e-cigarette with convenience at the forefront of its design. Just like the VUSE Solo before it, the Ciro has a classic cigarette shape, though it builds upon the Solo’s design in various ways.

VUSE Ciro cartridges hold 0.9ml of V-Liquid®, over 40% more than the Solo, and, taking inspiration from the tank system used in the VUSE Vibe, they are transparent, allowing you to see exactly when you need to replace them. A long-lasting ceramic wick takes the place of the fiberglass wick used in the Solo and the Vibe. Giving you a smooth, flavor-packed draw. While the new ‘twist and go’ connection between the battery and cartridge allows you to change cartridges with a minimum of hassle. The VUSE V-Liquid® contained within the cartridges is expertly blended in the USA. And contains 1.5% nicotine (15mg nicotine) for a perfectly smooth and flavorsome vape.

The VUSE Ciro Power Unit is powered by a 260mAh battery, which can be recharged using the USB cable included in the kit. The LED will fade and glow white as you draw on the e-cigarette, and will flash red ten times when the battery needs recharging.


1 x Battery

1 x USB Charger


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