VUSE Solo Power Unit E-cigarette Battery

VUSE Solo Power Unit E-cigarette Battery


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VUSE Solo Power Unit – Key Features

  • Red LED lights up when you draw on the e-cigarette
  • VUSE Solo battery comes with a USB charger
  • Solo Kit also available
  • Cartridges sold separately. Shop Solo Cartridges

About the VUSE Solo Battery

The VUSE Solo Power Unit is a convenient, inexpensive electronic cigarette, compatible with a wide range of Vuse Solo Cartridges. It offers a consistent nicotine delivery, helped by the pioneering Vapor Delivery Processor® found within the device. The Solo vape pen design is slick and is easily distinguishable from a combustible cigarette with its sleek, metallic color.

The battery in the VUSE Solo Power Unit performs well and will cause the LED to flash red for two seconds when it needs recharging.


1 x Battery

1 x USB Charger


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