VUSE VIBE Kit Vape Pen Kit | With Original Flavor Tank

VUSE VIBE Kit Vape Pen Kit | With Original Flavor Tank


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  • Intuitive and simple, the Boulder Rock vape pen is ultra-portable and ensures you can enjoy your favorite Boulder e-liquids with ease. It’s another winning product from our pod mods range.

    About the VUSE VIBE

    A uniquely simple and straightforward way to vape, the VUSE VIBE e-cig takes the popular vape pen system and makes it even more user-friendly.

    Key Features of the VUSE Vibe Vape Pen

    • VUSE Pen complete with closed prefilled 2ml replaceable tank
    • Kit comes complete with 1 x Original (tobacco) pre-filled tank
    • Strength of all refill flavors is 30mg/ml (3.0%)
    • Seven flavors to choose from
    • Four times the liquid of previous VUSE e-cigs
    • Auto-fire upon draw

    Full Description of the VUSE Vibe Vape Pen

    Designed to make vaping even easier for first-timers and vape pen fans looking for a new kit, the VUSE VIBE vape pen is an innovative new design for 2016. The popular vape pen format that VUSE is already known for has been given a new lease of life, a streamlined look and an even simpler design.

    The unique thing which makes the VUSE VIBE vape kit stand out is its pre-filled vapor tank system. Each VIBE comes complete with a prefilled 2ml tank in your choice of seven flavors and it can be replaced easily with a quick spin of the tank. Streamlined for ease and convenience the tanks spin on and off and the tight seal ensures no leaks, speedy access to your favorite flavors and great vapor production.

    The VUSE VIBE vape pen is a great choice for fans of this brand looking to step up to a slightly more advanced design than the VUSE Solo. It holds four times the amount of liquid as the Solo and the seven flavor choices ensure it suits both vapers looking for a classic cig-a-like experience and those looking for something a little different. Although coming with a higher initial cost, early reviews suggest the VUSE Vibe is worth every penny.

    VUSE VIBE Flavors

    The pre-filled tanks for your new VUSE VIBE e-cig come in the following two flavors:

    Original: a classic tobacco flavor which fans love for its authenticity, smoothness and strong throat hit

    Menthol: a familiar crisp menthol tobacco flavor, like a menthol cigarette

    Fans of the VUSE VIBE e cig love the simplicity it offers, as it comes with the filled tank ready. It is the perfect entry level device for cigarette smokers wanting to make the move to vaping. But don’t want the hassle of learning the new skills that can be involved with some more complex kits.

    Charging your VUSE VIBE Vape Pen

    This VUSE pen features a rechargeable battery and USB charging cable which makes it easy to get it going again when it runs out of power. Simply attach the supplied USB cable to the battery and plug it into a computer’s USB port or USB Wall Adapter. Whilst charging, the light on the charger will illuminate white and the LED on the bottom of the battery will slowly pulse red. Once charging has completed, the LED on the bottom of the battery will change from a pulsating red to a solid white.

Contents of Pack

1 x Rechargeable battery

One x VUSE VIBE Original flavor pre-filled tank

1 x USB Charging cable

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Blue, Full Black, Gold, Green, Rainbow, Red, Stainless Steel


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